Merger Information 

The Boards of Directors of Southeast Michigan State Employees Federal Credit Union (SMSE) and Community Focus Federal Credit Union (Community Focus) are excited to announce a proposed merger between the two credit unions. The due diligence phase is in progress by both credit unions and is expected to continue for several months. This is not a takeover of one credit union by the other, but a partnership of two strong organizations that will combine their assets and resources for the mutual benefit of both memberships.

The Board of Directors of the combined credit union will be made up of all of the current members of the Board of Directors of both SMSE and Community Focus. The combined credit union will adopt a new name which has not yet been determined but will be announced prior to the effective date of the merger.

SMSE and Community Focus are both financially strong credit unions and could continue as independent organizations. Both credit unions share similar values of being dedicated to serving members. By pulling together the resources of the two organizations, the combined credit union will be able to offer its members more branches, high-yield deposit accounts, low rate loans, more technology and more career opportunities for their team members.

Frequently Asked Questions

What has been proposed to take place between Southeast Michigan State Employees Credit Union and Community Focus Federal Credit Union?

The Boards of  Southeast Michigan State Employees Federal Credit Union (SMSEFCU) and Community Focus Federal Credit Union (Community Focus) have agreed upon an intent to merge in order to form an entirely new credit union that would provide benefits to both memberships. SMSEFCU members will gain access to more and improved financial products and services, better technology, digital banking services, and an expanded number of branch locations. Community Focus members will benefit by expanding their branch network in Southeast Michigan thus providing for future growth opportunity. 

When is this happening?

We are in the preliminary stages of this process. We have a long road ahead to ensure a smooth transition and the enhanced experience you deserve. We are hoping to complete our due diligence and announce a proceeding to merger sometime in 2022.  We will continue to provide additional communication as we progress.

Are my accounts going to be affected?

It is business as usual for members at this time. There will be no immediate impact to your accounts. Any impact or required changes will be communicated to membership throughout this process, including account-related enhancements and changes.  

Are the employees at either institution losing their jobs?

There will be no layoffs as a result of this merger. In fact, a potential merger creates opportunity for existing employees to expand their career options in the future. All employees will be offered to keep their jobs, their salary, and seniority.

When can I expect to receive more information?

Visit our website and follow our social media channels for the most up-to-date information. Be sure your email address on file is up to date to ensure you receive future communications. To confirm that the email address we have on file is accurate, please log in to your online banking account and update it in your settings.

Who is Community Focus Federal Credit Union?

Community Focus Federal Credit Union, formally National Steel Federal Credit Union, was originally chartered in 1960 as a financial cooperative serving the salaried employees of National Steel and their families. Over the years, it has grown to almost $70 million in assets and currently serves 4,959 members from eighteen communities located in thea area called Downriver. 

Will there be any branch closures?

We are evaluating the value that each branch location brings to the credit union membership and we are actively working on assessing the need for branch expansion.

Will there be a new name for the combined credit union entity?

Yes. The fields of membership of SMSE and Community Focus would unite under one newly established brand for the combined organization with a new name.

Why are we doing this?

Combining resources to unite as a new credit union increases opportunities for members in the coming years and for generations ahead. Together, Community Focus and SMSE will provide members with an expanded access to branches, improved member services, and future innovation. You will have more locations to enjoy the great credit union service that you have come to know.