Disclosures & Fees

In order to use Smart Branch, our electronic home banking system, you must first sign a home banking disclosure and agreement.
Contact us and we can mail you the form, stop by our office, or click here.

For our current Truth-in-Savings or Truth-in-Lending information, please contact the credit union at
(248) 557-2266, or by e-mailing mhansen@smsefcu.com.

Schedule of Fees

Share Savings Accounts    
  Less than $100 average daily balance  $3.00 per quarter
   Automatic Payment (ACH) NSF  $20.00
   Returned Item/Check $20.00
Share Draft Checking Account    
   Less than $100 average daily balance $3.00 per month
   Stop payment request $23.00
  NSF (Non-Sufficient Funds) Draft/Check $20.00
   Automatic Payment (ACH) NSF $20.00
   Overdraft Privilege* $20.00
   Returned Item/Check $20.00
   Overdraft Transfer  $1.00
   Certifed Draft/Check  $5.00
  Draft/Check Copy  $2.00
  Staff Assistance/Reconciliation $20.00 per hour
 ATM/Debit Cards**    
   Replacement Card  $5.00
   Replacement PIN  $5.00
   Returned Item/Check  $20.00
   ATM/Debit Overdraft  $20.00
   First 6 (six) Monthly Transactions  Free
  After the first six ATM/Debit transactions these fees apply:  
  Withdrawal  $1.00
   Balance Inquiry  $ .50
   Transfer  $ .50
  Incomplete Transactions  $ .50
   Deposit***  Free
  POS (Point-of-Sale) Transaction  Free
  Payments 15 or more days late - 5% of overdue payment  $10 Min / $100 Max
Visa Credit Card    
   Replacement Card  $25.00
   Late Payment  $25.00
   Return Payment  $25.00
 Other Fees    
   Non-Member Check Cashing $2.00 per check
  Service Center Withdrawals/Transfers (3 Free per Month)  $2.00
  Automatic Debit (ACH) Stop Payment Request  $23.00
   Statement Copies $2.00 per page
   Account History Printout  $2.00
  Hold for Member Pick-up  $5.00
  Closing an IRA Without a Direct Transfer  $25.00
  Escheats  $10.00
  Telephone Inquiries and Transactions (not via SmartTeller)  $1.00
   Super Saver Excess Withdrawal (2 Allowed per Month) $10.00
  Christmas/Vacation Club Excess Withdrawal (2 Allowed per Year)  $10.00
  2-Party Corporate (Cashier's) Check  $2.00
  Closing Account Open Less Than 6 Months  $10.00

*This privilege for checking accounts will be limited to a maximum of $500 overdraft (negative)balance. Any and all fees and charges, including without limitation the non-sufficient funds fees, will be included as part of this maximum amount. This service is a discretionary courtesy and not a right of the member or an obligation of SMSE Federal Credit Union.

**ATMs are privately owned, and the owner of the machine may charge seperate and additional fees to users.

*** All ATM deposits are subject to a 3-day hold.